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Volume eyelash extensions

Volume eyelash extensions

Volume eyelash extensions lashes.rva lashes. Richmond Virginia lashes.

Beautiful Volume eyelash extensions

Beautiful Volume eyelash extensions

Beautiful eyelash extensions. Customizable to clients lifestyle and eye shape.


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 Xtreme Lashes


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Xtreme Lashes are the most elite prestigious Lashes on the market. With Xtreme Lashes comes luxury and quality. Their Faux Mink Lashes are designed to look genuine Mink Lashes. Offering thickness at the base , and tampering at the tip of the lash. The design is specifically made for Xtreme Lashes. Weightless while making a bolder, darker, longer, appearance. Xtreme Lashes offers the first and only medical grade adhesive, non-formaldehyde free. No need to risk irraitions or allergic reactions. Xtreme Lashes adhesive is hypoallergenic and 100 percent safe. With confidence of Xtreme lashes adhesive and products will achieve long lasting healthy results.


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