Lash Facts

Lash facts & Aftercare

                                                                       Everything to know about Lashes

Eyelash extensions are semi permeant adhesived Lashes the lay on top of natural lashes. Eyelash extensions when properly applied lay directly on top of natural lashes, 2-3 millimeters off the base line of eyelid. Proper application never touches skin.

Proper application is key and everything. The skilled Eyelash Artist knows proper technique, which is to isolate lashes correctly so Lashes and adhesive do not overlap. Which is damaging to natural lashes.

Hand made Volume eyelash extensions are the proper and safest choices .The narrow slim base of a handmade Volume fan dose not compare to thick pre made plastic lash fans. Lashes By Lauren Never uses plastic pre made fans. All Volume Lashes are hand made.

All Lash sets are customizable to fit your eye shape, lifestyle, and style.

Lashes range from thickness,  different lash curls and lengths.

Lashes by LaurenLisa only uses exclusive designer brands. Xtreme Lashes offers the highest quality eyelash extension adhesive.The adhesive is non toxic, medical grade, hypoalgenic. Xtreme Lashes and Lash Box LA are the highest quality brands and the only brands offered.

Eyelash extension last different for everyone. Depending on lifestyle, hygiene, age, skin type, hormones and medications.A full set will last between 10-15 days.  

ReLashing is required every 10-15 days to maintain fullness and Lash health.

Lash growth is when your natural lash sheds and falls naturally. The lash extension will shed when the natural lash sheds.